De-Gendering Fashion: Genderqueer Styling

When people think of fashion, many people picture the elaborate runways of New York, Paris, and Milan, the celebrities walking the red carpets during the various award seasons, and the luxurious designers like Tom Ford, Alexander Wang, or Dontella Versace. Fashion is often associated with being for the rich and the famous, models, and people and families from royalty or the high class. However, the reality is that while yes, the world of fashion includes and thrives within these aspects, it is also so much more than all these things. Believe it or not (but believe it), fashion is for everyone and practiced by everyone on a day to day basis. The fabrics, colors, brands, designs, prints, and every piece you choose to place on your body tell a story about you and how you express yourself. So what is genderqueer styling? And how can a genderqueer stylist help you?


Marc Jacobs, one of my favorite designers, once said “clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.”. I became a genderqueer stylist because I’ve always had a deep passion for using clothes and accessories to express myself and individuality. Unlike traditional fashion that constructs clothes within the binary of male and female, I believe this actually limits expression and creates false boundaries regardless of gender identity or sexuality. I cannot tell you how many men I have come across who said they wanted to wear a particular shirt but didn’t because it was considered for “female” or women who won’t wear certain garments or styles because they are considered “male”. Why do we place these social constructs on clothes? Why do we limit ourselves and our expression based upon these ridiculous concepts? I seek to work with my clients to help them use clothes and accessories to express their authentic selves free of boundaries and rules. Clothes do not have a gender. Like Marc said, they mean nothing until the individual gives them life.  A genderqueer stylist like myself can help you break away from these norms to create your own. There is only one you. Don’t limit yourself. Think outside the box.

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