Paparazzi Accessories: Inexpensive Jewelry for Styling

I love using jewelry and hair accessories to add flare to my outfit. I use them to provide more definition and expression to my garments and styling. However, it was hard finding unique jewelry for a good price that was safe and comfortable to wear. I came across Paparazzi about a year ago during an event that another independent consultant was hosting. I was a budding genderqueer stylist and was looking for various vendors that I could incorporate for use in my portfolio for myself and my clients. I immediately fell in love with the jewelry and accessories! There was so much color, so much dazzle, so much personality! I felt like I literally found a candy store for jewelry where I could update and add to my jewelry collection without breaking the bank. You can literally get a set, with earrings and necklace, for only $5! I couldn’t believe it!

Paparazzi offers 5 main unique collections with various styles. The Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection is inspired by classic and sparkling designs (think chic Breakfast at Tiffany’s) with neutral colors like black, white, brown, and gray that are great for day or night/ casual or formal wear. The Glimpse of Malibu Collection offers fun, upscale pieces that go great with florals, polka dots, and subtle pops of color. This is a particular favorite of those looking for more feminine displays. The Magnificent Musings Collection offers dramatic pieces that are sleek with metallic finishes and glamour grudgy undertones. The Sunset Sightings Collection offers bold and out of the box pieces that are strategically coordinated and offer great options for those looking to be bold in their style. The Simply Santa Fe Collection offers earthy and free spirited pieces with natural stones and tribal patterns. This is a favorite collection for those looking to be artsy in their style.

 Though not one of the main 5, the Uniquely Urban Collection offers casual, rustic, and leather pieces. It stands out from the main 5 because the pieces can be great with layering with the other collections. The Blockbuster Collection (one of my personal favorites) offers dramatic and stylish pieces that encompasses the essences of the main 5 and will surely turn heads to those who wear them. The best thing about all of the collections is that ALL pieces are only $5! That’s right! For only $5 you can get a great necklace and earrings (many offered in a pair), bracelets, and other accessories for only $5!

Finally, there is the Zi Collection. This collection is truly iconic and unlike any other collection offered. This collection offers, bold and very dramatic pieces with designs that are exaggerated and uniquely characteristic. Unlike the other collections, these pieces are not $5 but you still get a great deal on these pieces. They also offer standout and timeless pieces that are great additions to one’s accessory and jewelry collection.


All of Paparazzi’s jewelry and accessories are designed in the USA. They are lead-free and nickel- free and you don’t have to worry about discoloration with wear. Again, accessorizing using jewelry and stones is a great to help build your outfit and express your unique style. Take a look at Paparazzi and their pieces here. I also a service that helps people with choosing which Paparazzi pieces would be best suitable for their style and wardrobes here and here

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