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 In the wake of COVID-19, in-person styling and beauty services offered by Pass Da Suga have been suspended until at least the end of April 2020. However, with spring here and summer coming up, I know a lot of people would like to revamp their style and wardrobes. I therefore decided to develop and offer virtual styling services for my clients. These services all take place via a virtual platform (Google Hangout, Zoom, Skype, etc) where I meet one on one with you to assist you in various styling needs. This post provides some in-depth looks into the virtual services offered and how I can help you.

The Wardrobe EditEarly spring is when a lot of people, including myself, revamp their closet for the upcoming seasons. I like to audit my wardrobe, exploring new ways to wear garments and pieces and make new outfits, deciding what new colors I want to add, and getting rid of pieces that don’t fit me or my style anymore. Now for me, I absolutely LOVE doing this! It’s so much fun exploring new ways to outfit and adding new pieces and colors! However, this can be daunting for some people understandably. Through this service, I meet with you one on one to help you audit your wardrobe. This includes assisting you with learning how to create various outfits from pieces currently in your closet, color matching and analysis, and helping you figure out which pieces don’t fit with your style.


Find My Style: Lookbook CreationVisual guides can be a great way to help you figure out how to revamp your style and add to your closet. With this service, I meet with you for a style assessment to learn more about you and what you are looking for in your own styling needs. I then create a personal lookbook that includes various pieces, styles, and outfits for your inspiration and guidance that you can use for when shopping and figuring out how to outfit for your style.


 The Wardrobe Edit with Lookbook Creation:This service combines the former two mentioned into one. Not only will I meet with you one to one to help you audit your current closet but I will also develop your own personal lookbook using the style assessment gathered during your wardrobe audit and provide you a lookbook for visual guidance and shopping to add to and inspire styling for your wardrobe.  


Paparazzi Accessories ConsultationLast week, I wrote a post about Paparazzi Accessories that you can read here. Accessorizing is a great way to bring new life to outfits and your entire closet. Paparazzi has great and unique jewelry and accessories that can do just this! The best part is that most of Paparazzi’s pieces are just $5!  Through this service, I meet with you for a one to one consultation to help you figure out which Paparazzi pieces would be great for your style.


Combating DysphoriaThis is a special FREE service I am offering to individuals who may be transitioning or thinking about transitioning their gender and/or redefining their gender expression. Clothing and accessorizing can be a great way to combat gender dysphoria for those experiencing it. As a nonbinary person myself, I understand the challenges and difficulty that comes with understanding and gaining a new style and wardrobe. I meet one to one with you to help find your new style and provide tips and guidance on how to outfit and shop according to your own needs.


Again, all of these services are conducted virtually meaning you can stay safely at home. The sessions are fun and we can even have a cocktail or two during them. All services are currently available and be booked online. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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