Style vs. Fashion

Fashion and style are terms often used interchangeably when referring to wardrobe and outfitting. While the two do share bonds, there are key differences between the two. Many assume that fashion is style and to be fashionable you have style but, in all honesty, this is not an accurate reflection of the relationship between the two. Oscar de la Renta, one of the greatest designers the world as ever known, famously stated that “fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” This is one my favorite reflections on understanding the differences that exist with fashion and style and one that I live by for myself and in working with my clients. Many people think fashion drives style but in reality, it is the other way around.


Style is a very personal and cannot be defined by the masses or trends. Style involves an understanding of oneself that goes just beyond color matching, fabric type, and garment selection. It can be a political statement, your creative masterpiece, your mood reflection. Style is the outward expression of your personality, the essences of what makes you, you. Fashion is mostly influenced by style. The way one wears certain garments and colors may inspire others. From there it moves through the masses and becomes a trend. Fashion designers often use their own understanding of their style and that of others to create the beautiful pieces that we get from them on the runways and in stores. The main thing with fashion is just as quickly as it came, it goes. What’s in season and in fashion now may not be a year from now. However, style is this fickle. While style certain can and does change overtime, style still incorporates the essences and core of the individual. Fashion may say that polka dots are in this year and out the next, but your style may love polka dots and that shouldn’t change. Rather than not wear garments that may have your favorite pattern, you find different ways to wear it and make it more personal to you. The funny thing this in theory could inspire polka dots to come back the next season according to how you styled and use the pattern in your own outfitting!


Style is personal and unique to you. Fashion is what you use to express you.


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