The Story Behind Pass Da Suga (PDS)

     Founded in 2018 and launched in early 2019, Pass Da Suga was inspired much in part to my own experiences as a Black genderqueer person navigating fashion and beauty as a consumer and expert. It was hard for me to style and shop for myself in the predominant binary gendered system of retail and greater society. Shopping in brick and mortar stores, I would often find myself having to sneak over to the women’s section because I saw a cute blouse or that’s where all the purses were on sale. Then having to look at the cashier’s face as they rung up my selections composing of a mix of men and women identified clothing and accessories (admittedly more women identified merchandise than men’s) looking confused and dumbfounded. What was I, a male perceived being doing buying all? Of course, they pretty much assumed I was gay and of course neglecting my full genderqueer identity. But why did that matter? Why does any of it matter?


     The idea that clothing is gendered has always confused me. How the hell can cloth and fabric be identified for male or for female? Why do we uphold such ridiculous regulations of gendered styling in using these cloths and fabrics when their purpose is for expression and creativity? I’ve always been told that I had some sugar in my tank (and proud of it). The name “Pass Da Suga” signifies my mission to use my queerness to bring about more spaces, acknowledgment, and love to my genderqueer, nonbinary, and greater LGBTQ communities.


No matter who you are or how you identify, it is my purpose, and the purpose of the boutique, to help people freely love and express themselves as full human beings.



No Labels. Just Love.



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